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About David Dinkel

Dave Dinkel graduated from the University of Florida in 1968 with a BS in Chemical Engineering.  He initially worked for a petrochemical research and development company in Des Plaines, Illinois.  Two years later he entered the financial arena as a stock and commodity broker with Merrill Lynch.

While a stock broker he became a Certified Financial Planner and later started his own brokerage firms and stayed in the financial services industry for 22 years before retiring to pursue his love of real estate investing. After retirement, and because of his interest in business start-ups, he worked

with a small company for a few years while driving their sales to over $150,000,000 annually before going back to full-time real estate investing. 

Dave Dinkel has been a national platform speaker, contributor to local real estate clubs, mentor and consultant to numerous real estate investors and all the while running his own real estate business.  Mr. Dinkel received the following degrees or designations:  BSChE, FINOP, CFP, MSRP, RSP, RR, ROP, SROP, MGA, GA, Certified Estate Planner, Licensed Mortgage Broker, and Licensed Insurance Agent.  He is often referred to as the “Teacher of Teachers”.

His most recent contribution to the public’s education, besides his article publications, is the publishing of the FSBO Auto Pilot System™ that he designed to teach homeowners proven techniques that he has developed, which sell homes quickly while saving homeowners thousands of dollars when selling their homes. The system puts everything Dave Dinkel has learned from 33 years experience in one easy to follow format and reveals the techniques that Dave Dinkel successfully uses to sell properties quickly (28 hours or less) at full market value or more. This powerful home study program is soon to be released so send your email address to DaveDinkel@gmail to be one of the first to get it when it is completed.

In addition, because of the current Real Estate crisis and the large amount of homes in foreclosure, Dave Dinkel has created the “32 Ways To Quickly Stop Your Foreclosure” E-Book. In this book, he reveals 32 ways, which he has learned from his years of helping foreclosure victims, to successfully put a stop to foreclosure. The information in this E-Book is not commonly revealed to the public and has been put together from many years of being a Real Estate investor.  This unique home study course can be seen at

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